Christopher Gardner is a musician and writer interested in too many areas of the sciences and arts to have specialized in any, so naturally ended up with a philosophy degree.

With a lifelong interest in the lines between physics/paraphysics, spirituality/paraspirituality, and psychology/parapsychology, he’s fascinated with how beliefs change over time and especially the workings and limits of the contemporary “epistemic autocracy” that scientism has inculcated in the population.

His concentrations for the past eight years has been on UAP and the abduction phenomenon, but has expanded into researching world folklore, shamanism, and the ever-changing face of the Others who inhabit this world alongside us.

He ignores the rules of blogging in that most of these essays are (you might say very) long form. He believes the subjects demand it. Many are also parts, whole chapters even, of a book he is writing on the possibility of solving the UAP mystery.

He has written five novels and a novella, all shelved indefinitely for other interests but whose opening chapters can be found at http://www.metaphoreal.com.