Daemons (work in progress)


The demon Ashmedai in a Hebrew incantation bowl

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The Kelly-Hopkinsville entities of the 1955 encounter.

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Dr. Naama Viloszni’s collection of Hebrew incantation bowl illustrations during the Babylonian captivity.


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The otherworldly beings of the Day family abduction, Aveley, England, 1974.


Aleister Crowley’s LAM, encountered 1918 during the Amalantrah Working, NYC.


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I believe (on no present evidence whatsoever) that Ted Jacobs was either asked by Strieber or independently based his iconic Communion cover on Crowley’s LAM entity. Strieber notes in the book that Jacob’s painting is a far more anthropomorphic vision of the being he repeatedly encountered. Note the “erased” areas above LAM’s “eyelids”. They have the characteristic teardrop or almond shape persons have described “grays” possessing…The left area also contains what appears as an erased or shaded patch that perhaps was once, or is meant to “subliminally” suggest, a staring eye. Thus compare Crowley’s LAM drawing with this drawing by Betty Andreasson of the “angel” Quazgaa in 1978:

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Above: Set of Enochian characters scryed by Edward Kelley and elaborated by Dr. John Dee, 1582.


“Alien” language channeled by Dr. Mario Pazzaglini.


The “universal language of space,” channeled (with phonemic elaborations) from “an alien intelligence” by psychoanalyst W. John Weilgart in the 1960s, meant for expression of specific concepts without ambiguity. An article on Weilgart: https://www.anomalist.com/reports/language.html


“Angelic music writing”, written spontaneously by 4-year old, 1944, (courtesy Mario Pazzaglini)


Alien writing via contactee, 1992, to “manipulate minerals and light.


Asemic writing.

Interview with Dr. Mario Pazzaglini: https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/vida_alien/esp_vida_alien_54.htm




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Painted figures at burial site, Altai, Siberia, 3000 BCE.

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“Craft” & the being encountered by Sgt. Herbert Schirmer, Ashland, Nebraska, December 3, 1967.

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“Craft” & the being encountered by Filiberto & Iris Cardenas, February 21, 1979

Comparison of the two “serpent” symbols on the entities’ garb encountered by Schirmer & the Cardenas. Note that both entities’ “spacesuits” contain “antennas” but on opposite sides. Out of the thousands of UAP/entity encounters during the “Space Age period” 1953-1980, it seemed no two witnesses reported even roughly identical vehicles and entities and behavior or “messages” from the daemons–except in the Schirmer/Cardenas cases.

Wandjina spirit-god depictions, Australia, 3000 BCE

Left upper and lower: the Strophalos of Hekate; right, late Greek-Roman depiction of the triple-goddess Hekate. Under many Greek, Roman, Ptolemaic and Byzantine epithets, she was associated with the liminus of human states and the human world: birth and death, of crossroads, or doorways, the passage of souls to Hades or the Empyrean–the ruler of anything involving a condition of indeterminacy. The Chaldean Oracles and Neoplatonists considered her the gatekeeper and key holder of souls (both the dead and those in an “astral state”) on their journey from embodiment to the sublunary, empyrean, or chthonic realms. One of her symbols was the flaming orb, said to herald her appearance and the theurgist’s incipient theophany.

Anne Jefferies encounters the faeries, 1646 


Beings seen by hunters in New Mexico

Entity seen for second time by Marius DeWilde, Quaroble, France

Saint Makarius with angelic helper