Einstein on the Beach: Train 1


Knee Play 1 & Train 1 at 7:13

The child Einstein contemplates in his hand a representation of both the Minkowski block universe/Planck’s ultraviolet catastrophe that inspired his solution to Planck’s problem while standing on an atomic bomb gantry…

……a train, the object of one his famous thought experiments, creeps as slowly as the light beam which descends before it….

A moving tableau: a living shadow box.
Traditional theater elements separated from each other, then mixed.

Time moves only by way of the events on stage and their relationships.
The actions of the separate elements—actors, dancer, train, fog, light, screen—are events measuring spacetime relative to each other, requiring the viewer’s effort to induce meaning. Einstein is framed then unframed.

The diagonal is thematic, and simultaneity is a rehearsed accident.